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Meet The Dancers

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" I took ballet classes once a week for an hour, and it wasn’t enough. So I tried to learn more by learning from YouTube. And I immigrated to Malaysia at 18 to take Ballet intensives for 2 months. Then I decided to immigrate to Germany to study at a professional dance school."

Pardis Zare

"My main focus is physical theater, therefore I don’t consider myself a professional dancer. But movement, form and rhythm has always been a main focus in my work. And I always want to find ways to express myself through my body."

Tina Nabavi

"I started classical ballet when I was 9 and in recent years I trained abroad to deepen my knowledge in classical ballet. My love for ballet is not embedded solely in the movements. I believe that ballet has a great impact on the body and the mind and if practiced correctly it can be meditative and life changing."

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Janan Hashempourian

"I've been dancing since I remember and I believe if you have the proper mind and the proper body, dancing exists within all of us.. you just have to find it. There is no future for dancers in Iran but that can't stop me, so here I am in my room moving and dancing days and nights."

Parmida Ziaei

Parmida started dancing at a young age with training in classical ballet in Iran, and after immigrating to US expanded to many other dance styles including Classical Persian dance, competitive ballroom dancing and Contemporary. She has been performing and choreographing dance and theatre performances nationally and internationally.

Aram Ghasemy

"My first serious encounter with dance was teaching dance to hearing-impaired students and the only tool they had was their body, so I unconsciously used dance theatre techniques. After immigrating to Italy I learned more about the technique and I realized that dance theatre is my passion. And soon after I started my own dance company with my husband and toured around the world."

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Saeed Asad Sangabi

"Having the freedom to express my soul through my body is what I cherish the most. It’s a holy feeling for me, it’s happening at a strange time in my life, and I am constantly reminded that as an Iranian dancer I have a mission to accomplish. My main focus in my works are time, place and gender."

Aisan Hoss

"My passion in dance and choreography has been a means for gaining insight into my identity as an Iranian living outside of my home country. I use movement as a tool to find beauty in my history and identity. I get Inspired by modern Iranian culture, and aim to give voice to the quietest elements of my culture through choreography."

Farzad Noseiri

"I'm part of the Otlar Dance Company located in Iran. I’m a dedicated servant to art and I always choreograph my dance pieces based on concepts that I think would engage my audience in a positive way. Most of my solos and group works are based on my own choreography."

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Sanaz Ghorbani

Sanaz is a multi-disciplinary artist and is the founder of *Movement for Growth*, which is an experimental research group on body and movement. She studied dance at the school of Contemporary Dance in Paris and DAMS in Rome. She is currently working on the *Body and Architecture* project in which she is researching and studying the connection between body, monuments and architectural designs.


His name is Iman and his artistic name is Alien! He started with break dancing for one full year and then got interested in popping and continued his training in popping. He performed on "Asre Jadid" twice and his goal in dance is to break the traditional taboos in Iran and familiarize people with the art of dance. 


Her work is rich with ideations that spring from her creative process. She never provides descriptions, but leaves interpretations to the imagination of her audience. Dance has always been the main source of inspiration for Rooz and she says that dance has no limits and for her it's the creative process that makes dance exciting and not the final product. Rooz is currently studying at the Dancehause Academy in Milan, Italy.

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In 2020, Anoheh decided to start her own dance studio and work on her own projects.  She who loves the folklore dances of Iran, tries to collect, document and perform these great cultural treasures through research, travel and learning from prominent, original and genuine masters. Her goal is to train a new generation of dance enthusiasts who can show the beauty of original Iranian dances through international performances. 


Sina sees dance as an infinite art. He believes that once a dance artist finds his own voice then he can reach his maximum level of creativity and originality. Sina keeps his originality in his works by relying on his creativity and character. Failure and faith were the two main factors in Sina's progress as a dancer, he indicates that failure in real life and failure in the dance world were the two main reasons for his growth.


Ulduz Ahmadzadeh studied directing at the art university Soureh in Tehran, contemporary dance pedagogy at MUK in Vienna and Social Design at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. Her contemporary dance company  ATASH عطش ,which was founded in 2012, specifically addresses socio-political issues and cultural hierarchies.

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" I have learned different sports and art forms throughout my life but I’ve found my true passion in Salsa and Bachata. Latin dance is more than just a dance style, it’s a culture and I want to familiarize my Iranian audience with this culture."


"After a long time of experience in dance I would define my career as a Soloist; I have my own show called “Persian Hair“. I combine my strength, femininity and hair to depict a strong Persian Woman."


Beshkan Dance Academy was established in 2003 in Northern California by Razieh Oghabian and Sharareh Ghahremani. 
"As an Iranian dance artist, we hope to increase recognition of Iranian dance as an art form as there are so many different genres of dance and all are beautiful in their own way. As an artist we hope to exemplify these beauties and help flourish dance as a form of expression."

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